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How it works



  • With a list you buy all listed items quicker and with a full budget control
  • Then prepare your property based on presented concept 
  • Be ready for success and relax



  • We meet online or at the property
  • I present you recommendations for each room
  • We review Shopping list together
  • I answer all you questions, doubts
  • I send you brief



  • I prepare a detailed shopping list
  • It includes all furniture, decorations, lighting, carpets etc.
  • all items go with a link to a shop, or shop name, price and information about promotions 



  • After receiving the form I prepare a contract, quote and share it with you
  • When all is agreed we sign the contract/you make a payment



  • Fill in the online form and send it to me via e-mail. It will help me to prepare the proposition of home staging
  • Form is not a contract, it does not oblige you to continue cooperation

The New York Times

"How a property looks — in listing photos and in person — is important.

This is where staging comes in."


Shopping List

from 350 $


Shopping List it is a comprehensive list

  • of necessary purchases for property Home Staging

  • including links to each item 

  • detailed description of their placement in individual rooms

  • it can be prepared in a PDF form or a link to electronic list


List enables independent and efficient implementation of ideas discussed during the consultation.


With a shopping list you will save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent searching the Internet and visiting stores.  This will allow you to shop efficiently while maintaining full control over your budget.


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